LineageOS-OnePlus7Pro: Home

This is how I installed LineageOS on a OnePlus7Pro including

  • Rooting (Magisk)
  • AFWall (firewall -needs root)
  • System wide adblocker (AdAway - needs root)
  • DNS over TLS
  • Change Googles Captive Portal Check
  • some more minor data protection measures, as telephone book search, location via WLAN/Bluetooth, aGPS

Sadly I did not manage to use the original camera app. I tried to use microG and gAPPS (nano). (Any ideas?)

Install LineageOS

Summary of

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot devices
fastboot flash boot lineage-17.1-20201101-recovery-guacamole.img

Ausschalten Volume Down + Power.

Factory Reset > Format data / factory reset > format Apply Update”, then “Apply from ADB”

adb sideload lineage-17.1-20201101-nightly-guacamole-signed.zip

...install Magisk (root)...

Download from

"Advanced" >"Reboot to Recovery" --rebooting--> "Apply Update"

adb sideload Magisk-v21.0.zip

"Reboot System now"

In LineageOS copy "MagiskManager-v8.0.2.apk" to phone and install. Follow

AFWall+ (firewall need root)

Install via F-Droid. Then follow

Captive Portal Check

adb shell 'settings put global captive_portal_http_url "http://captiveportal.kuketz.de"'
adb shell 'settings put global captive_portal_https_url "https://captiveportal.kuketz.de"'
adb shell 'settings put global captive_portal_fallback_url "http://captiveportal.kuketz.de"'
adb shell 'settings put global captive_portal_other_fallback_urls "http://captiveportal.kuketz.de"'

Check if successful

adb shell 'settings get global captive_portal_https_url'



AdAway (block trackers)

Install via F-Droid then follow

Deactivate WLAN- and Bluetooth tracking


Settings > Location > WLAN- and Bluetooth search > deactivate follow

DNS over TLS


Settings > network & internet > more > private DNS > example: fdns1.dismail.de


  • Deactivate search in telephone contacts
  • Deactivate aGPS



Installed via F-Droid

  • FairMail (Mail)
  • Conversations (XMPP) > dismail.de (example: coolname@dismail.de)
  • Element (Matrix) > bau-ha.us (example: @coolname:bau-ha.us)
  • davx5 (calDAV, cardDAV)
  • Fennec, addon uMatrix
  • OSMand maps, gpx tracks and navigation