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LineageOS-OnePlus7Pro: Home

This is how I installed LineageOS on a OnePlus7Pro including...

  • LineageOS (stock) as operating system Android "without" Google
  • Priviliged access "root" to the phone using Magisk. A rooted phone allows us to install
    • Firewall AFWall+ to allow/block apps system wide (root required)
    • Add Blocker AdAway to block trackers system wide for all apps (root required)
  • Some other protection measures
    • redirect check of internet connection from Google to a dezentralized server (captive portal checkin)
    • DNS over TLS
    • deactivate telephone book search
    • deactivate location via WLAN/Bluetooth
    • deactivate aGPS

F-Droid is used to install spy-ware free apps only.
microG is installed to use Googles Camera Port gcam. (WhatsApp will work too using this method.)

These instructions where tested at 14.04.2021.

Install LineageOS

Summary of this page


  • Make sure your computer has adb and fastboot.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device
  • Enable OEM unlock in the Developer options under device Settings, if present.

Terminal of your computer...

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot devices
fastboot flash boot lineage-18.1-20210411-recovery-guacamole.img

Reboot to Recovery (alternativly: power off and Volume Down + Power)

You should now be in Recovery mode.

Factory Reset > Format data / factory reset > format

Apply Update”, then “Apply from ADB”

adb sideload

Install Magisk (root)

1. ADB sideload (in recovery mode)

Download "Magisk-v22.1.apk" two times from and

  • rename one copy from "Magisk-v22.1.apk" to ""
  • leave the other copie as it is "" to use it later on

In recoverey mode on the phone...
"Advanced" >"Reboot to Recovery" --rebooting--> "Apply Update"

adb sideload

Confirm "yes" on the mobile.

"Reboot System now"

2. APK install (in LineageOS)

In LineageOS copy "Magisk-v22.1.apk" to the phone and install. Follow, summary for settings in Magisk

  • check MagiskHide
  • click systemless host file

Install AFWall+ (firewall)

Install via F-Droid. Then follow

Captive Portal Check - Method A

In the computers terminal...

adb shell 'settings put global captive_portal_http_url ""'
adb shell 'settings put global captive_portal_https_url ""'
adb shell 'settings put global captive_portal_fallback_url ""'
adb shell 'settings put global captive_portal_other_fallback_urls ""'

Check if successful

adb shell 'settings get global captive_portal_https_url'


Some apps might not work using this method, example FloraIncognita.

This app seems to check for the "small cross" (icon in status bar for wlan and/or mobile data) and if it "sees" the cross it thinks there is no internet connection (although there is one).

Captive Portal Check - Method B

(I personally prefer this method.)

Activate the Terminal app.

Settings > System > more > Developer Settings > USB-Debugging > on
Settings > System > more > Developer Settings > Local Terminal > on

Open Terminal app .
Grant root privilege (a question will pop up).

pm disable
settings put global captive_portal_detection_enabled 0
settings put global captive_portal_server localhost
settings put global captive_portal_mode 0


To avoid using the Terminal app and typing long commands on the phone you might use the terminal of the computer "adb shell ..." as in method A.

Install AdAway (block trackers)

Install via F-Droid then follow, summary for settings

  • choose root based blocker (instead of VPN based at first time start of AdAway)
  • Settings > root based > bypass IPv4 (Umleitungs-IPv4): change to

More Settings

Deactivate WLAN- and Bluetooth tracking

Settings > Location > WLAN- and Bluetooth search > deactivate, see

DNS over TLS

Settings > network & internet > more > private DNS > example:, see see


  • Deactivate telephone number search
  • Deactivate aGPS (this will slow down the position finding)



Installed via F-Droid

  • FairMail (Mail)
  • Conversations (XMPP) > (example:
  • Element (Matrix) > (example:
  • davx5 (calDAV, cardDAV = calendar and address book synchronization)
  • Wewb browsers
    • TorBrowser (anonymously reading web pages. Hint: activate repostitory Guardian Projekt in F-Droid)
    • PrivacyBrowser (if something does not work in TorBrowser or to download files)
    • Fennec, addon uMatrix (to use sites requiring logins)
  • OSMand (maps, gpx tracks and navigation. Hint: Do NOT use TTS for speach synthesis)
  • FlossWeather
  • CWA (Corona Warn App)
  • FloraIncognita (identify plants)
  • NewPipe (download from youtube)
  • ZAP (German public TV)
  • RadioDroid
  • llcrop (shrink pictures without quality loss)
  • Briar (messenger over TOR, WLAN, Bluetooth - still without picture/files)
  • muPDF

File Sync

App RCX, url=

Installed via F-Droid - Repository Guardian Project

TorBrowser - anonymously reading web pages. Hint: activate repostitory Guardian Projekt

Installed via F-Droid - Repository MicroG

Install microG

  • Add the microG repository to F-Droid.
  • Install "microG Service Core" in F-Droid

Q: When to install microG?
A: To use the gCam, a modification of Googles camera app on your phone without having installed gAPPS

Install gCam - Google Camera Port

Requirement: microG is installed.

Why: Many want to take full advantage of the good camera of the OnePlus 7pro:

  • use all three lenses (wide angle, tele, ultra wide angle)
  • reduced noise
  • improved dynamic range

Download the APK from here or search for the gCam ports of Urnyx85

Go into the settings to activate the telephoto and wide angle lenses. It is a little bit hidden there under additional settings (German Zusatzlinsen).

Install WhatsApp and others

microG makes it possible to run WhatsApp and other apps that require the Google Play Store. Choose a version for arm64.